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The Full Black Duo Leather Bracelet

The Full Black Duo Leather Bracelet

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Our duo black leather bracelet with a micro-plated black buckle offers both style and durability with genuine leather and high-quality craftsmanship. The engraved brand name adds a unique touch to the secure and adjustable fit, making it perfect for any occasion and a valuable addition to any collection.


Don’t wear while swimming or showering 

Leather takes a certain amount of care to upkeep. Getting your leather bracelet soaking wet by wearing it in the shower or while swimming can strip the oils from the leather’s surface. If this happens, the leather can stiffen and even crack as it dries. So while your leather bracelet is a great accessory in a lot of locations, the beach probably shouldn’t be one of them.

Do clean with a damp cloth

It is all right to clean your leather bracelet if it gets dirty. Use a damp cloth to clean the leather, being careful not to scrub hard as this can cause any dust or dirt to scratch the surface of the leather. Afterwards, let your bracelet air dry in a cool area.

Don’t clean with harsh chemicals

Abrasive cleaning materials can harm your leather, stripping necessary oils away from its surface and causing it to dry or crack. Avoid the use of soaps or detergents on your leather. Generally, there’s no need to clean your leather bracelet with anything stronger than distilled water.

Do avoid extreme temperatures

Leather does best in cool or room-temperature areas. Extreme heat can dry your leather out. While it’s perfectly fine to wear your leather bracelet outside on the occasional hot day, you should be careful not to leave your custom leather bracelet on a radiator or next to the stove, and should perhaps avoid wearing it while cooking over a campfire. Paying attention to the temperature and your activities will help your leather bracelet lead its longest lifestyle.

Don’t worry about a little bit of wear

One of the greatest things about leather is that it looks beautiful both brand new and after years of wear. A few scratches on the surface of your personalized leather bracelet won’t ruin its aesthetics. Instead, it will give it character, showcasing how much you love your leather bracelet.


5mm Full Grain Genuine Black Leather
Micro Plated 316L Stainless Steel Buckle

Please note that we handle all costs related to resizing in our handmade leather products except Shipping

Since leather bracelets are made on request, they cannot be exchanged



Your Bralux Jewelry is meticulously crafted to withstand the test of time. But accidents can happen. That's why every piece comes with a Full Lifetime Warranty.

What's Covered?

Our Lifetime Warranty covers accidental damage, including snapped chains, damaged pendants, cracked beads, or detached elastic or thread.

What's Not Covered?

Please note that our warranty does not cover loss, theft, or damage caused by third parties.

Shop with confidence knowing your Bralux Jewelry is backed by our commitment to quality and durability.


Inside Lebanon : 

Delivery time Inside Beirut :1-2 working days 

Delivery time Outside Beirut : 2-4 Working Days

Pick up from Sarafand : 1- 2 working days 

Pick up from Tripoli : 1-2 working days 

Pick up from Dekweneh : 1-2 Working days 

International Orders  :

Orders placed After 11:00 AM will be shipped the second day 

Delivery time  3 - 5 working days 

For International orders : additional customs clearance fees may apply in your country . Bralux  is not responsible for any duties or taxes upon arrival or any delays caused by the shipping carrier or customs clearance process.

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Very unprofessional customer service

The person that called herself “in charge” to answer me on WhatsApp is so unprofessional and disrespectful if anyone from the management can contact me please ? Thank you

Thank you for your message. Upon reviewing our communication, it's apparent that there were queries regarding pick-up and delivery charges, which are standard for our delivery partner, Wakilni. To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer a complimentary resizing for the first order, aiming to preempt any size-related issues. Our customer service team proactively suggested a direct exchange to mitigate potential misunderstandings. Subsequently, your request for another resizing was acknowledged, along with the provision of a new buckle, as resizing may render the original buckle unusable. Rest assured, our customer service supervisor will reach out to you on Monday to address any remaining concerns. With a track record of over 1,900 positive reviews, we prioritize customer satisfaction and remain committed to resolving any issues promptly.


Best quality🤩


I loved it , the quality ,the packaging , highly recommended 😍

Yvana Saab

Amazing quality and packaging! Highly recommended!!

Tony Matta

Loved the quality

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